Grotech Production   Grotech Production
  • Grotech Factory Grotech Factory A modern, well lit, 12,000sqft work area fitted with a flexible arrangement of drys blending and packing, plus liquids mixing, filling and labelling facilities.
  • Powder Blending and Packing Powder Blending and Packing Three different powder blending or granule impregnation systems with pilot facilities and packing from 50grams to 1tonne units.
  • Liquids Mixing and Packing Liquids Mixing and Packing Blending and formulation of aqueous and vegetable oil solutions and suspensions and packing into 100ml bottles to 1000L IBCs.
  • Liquids filling and Labelling Liquids filling and Labelling Filling clients’ liquid products from IBCs into various bottles, closing with IHS caps and labelling with clients’ own labels or printed to specification by our local high quality label makers.


We can blend powders in batches from 50kg to 1500kg using a ribbon blender or Nautamixer.
Raw materials are input from kegs, sacks or FIBCs and liquids can be added if required. With a batch size of 50kg to 1000kg, depending on bulk density, impregnated or coated granules can be produced in a rotary drum blender. The addition of liquids is achieved by spray nozzles with air micronisation if required, while inter-process transfer is achieved by the 'tote' bin system.

Solids packing
We can pack container sizes from 50gms to 1000kg with high-fill accuracy.
We can also pack kegs, drums and sacks up to 25kg

The packing of smaller items includes:

Laminate block bottom bags filled on automatic or semi auto lines
Fully automatic bulk-fill and top-up line for jars, bags, boxes, buckets etc. with vibrating settling if required


  All of our packing processes are supported by labelling, ink-jet coding and end-of-line carton sealing.


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