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  • Grotech Factory Grotech Factory A modern, well lit, 12,000sqft work area fitted with a flexible arrangement of drys blending and packing, plus liquids mixing, filling and labelling facilities.
  • Powder Blending and Packing Powder Blending and Packing Three different powder blending or granule impregnation systems with pilot facilities and packing from 50grams to 1tonne units.
  • Liquids Mixing and Packing Liquids Mixing and Packing Blending and formulation of aqueous and vegetable oil solutions and suspensions and packing into 100ml bottles to 1000L IBCs.
  • Liquids filling and Labelling Liquids filling and Labelling Filling clients’ liquid products from IBCs into various bottles, closing with IHS caps and labelling with clients’ own labels or printed to specification by our local high quality label makers.


Grotech Production Invest in the Future

As part of our commitment to ongoing investment in continuous improvement, we have recently spent over £250,000 on new production equipment for our Goole factory. This equipment includes a new 5,000 litre blending suite that significantly increases our production capacity. This in turn improves our delivery response times and production efficiency.

At Grotech Production we believe that having the right blend of expertise is a key factor in delivering the right results and this project was no different. Working with our experienced engineering partners the Blending Suite was installed, tested and commissioned on schedule allowing us to begin production in time for a significant order for export. This project was partially supported by our customer and by a contribution from the Biorenewables Development Centre and the ERDF.

The new production equipment is part of a planned investment program by the company to allow us to provide the highest levels of service to our customers. It follows the purchase of a new Mitel telephone system earlier in the year which allows us to link our telecoms with our CRM software facilitating a quicker response to customer calls and queries.

If you would like to see how our investment can help your company and products, please contact Stephen Moore on
01405 761746 or e-mail

We look forward to working with you.

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You have a small business. It is based on some product ideas that have evolved over the years and you have been successful in selling into certain markets. To do this you have also built a factory which is necessary to make the products but seems to be a constant drain on your time and resources.

How much more could you sell if the resources tied up in manufacturing were made available to Sales and Marketing?

Come and talk to Grotech Production about Broadscope Manufacturing Outsourcing.
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