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  • Grotech Factory Grotech Factory Grotech now offer development and analytical services to help you reach your formulation and production goals.
  • Powder Blending and Packing Powder Blending and Packing Three different powder blending or granule impregnation systems with pilot facilities and packing from 50grams to 1tonne units.
  • Liquids Mixing and Packing Liquids Mixing and Packing Blending and formulation of aqueous and vegetable oil solutions and suspensions and packing into 100ml bottles to 1000L IBCs.
  • Liquids filling and Labelling Liquids filling and Labelling Filling clients’ liquid products from IBCs into various bottles, closing with IHS caps and labelling with clients’ own labels or printed to specification by our local high quality label makers.


Product Development and Analytical Services

Grotech now offer development and analytical services to help you reach your formulation and production goals. Recent investment in analytical equipment and expertise in analysis methods allow quick assaying of your products and screening of your raw matrials, from which we can produce certificates of analysis that you and your customers can trust.


If you require a fertiliser with specific nutrient contents, then the Bespoke NPK arm of our development service will tailor-make a formulation to your specifications, including specific properties such as pH, colour and density. Where necessary, we can source your materials and all the formulations trialed are checked for stability, dissolution and any other criteria that need to be met., all to CIPAC methods.

Beyond fertilsers, we can help you develop emulsifiable concentrates for pesticides or specilaity chemicals, as well as liquids and emulsions, we can work with you to produce as granules, pellets or powder blends.

Where you have an existing product, which does everything you want on the field, but is awkward to handle due to flow, dustiness, volatility, viscosity etc, then we can help you to tweak your formulations until they are exactly how you want them to be. Let us help you to solve your problem.

Increasingly, in these days of stricter regulations and tighter quality control, customers want proof and the peace of mind that products they use meet the required standards.

With this in mind, our analytical service is able to provide Certificates of Analysis (CofAs) or Certificates of Conformity (CofCs) for your products. We can provide these to meet your specific needs, performing tests at your request or on our recommendations.

Fore more information on our services or how we might help to solve your problem, please send us your questions and requirements to and our development team will respond.

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At your service


Some of our Analytical Service Capabilities include:

Density/Specific Gravity
Foam Testing
Particle Sizing
Tank Mix Compatability
Surface Tension

Many others on request via our extensive network of associate laboratories.

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